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Michael Howarth

Fiction and Nonfiction Author


Latest Release

A Still and Awful Red 

Maria, a young peasant girl, is an accomplished seamstress who dreams of a more prosperous life. Chosen by Countess Elizabeth Báthory to sew a series of elaborate gowns, Maria dreams of receiving lavish attention and being invited into the Countess's inner circle. But upon arrival at the castle, Maria suspects she is in terrible danger.

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"A Still and Awful Red is a haunting, visceral novel filled with horror, wonder, and unspeakable acts. This gothic tale is told with lyricism, authority, and dread, echoing Poe, Jackson, Shelley, and Stoker. A powerful story."

Richard Thomas, Thriller Award-nominated author of Disintegration and Breaker

Praise & Reviews

"Evil historical women and lush decadent settings are weaknesses of mine in fiction, and A Still and Awful Red delivers with aplomb on both counts. In this novel, Howarth has written a page-turning, nail-biting account of Countess Elizabeth Bathory's purported crimes, hitting all the aspects that make this story so chilling and gripping in the first place-seductive villains! Vampirism! Creepy castles!-while introducing modern, urgent themes around social class."

Emily Cataneo, author of Speaking with Skull Kings

"If being a ninja means having the ability to overcome tragedy, and to temper with grace the day-after day awfulness that too often comes with being a teen, then Michael Howarth's gorgeous coming-of-age novel is a must read."

Andrew Geyer, author of Dixie Fish and Meeting the Dead


About Michael Howarth

Michael Howarth is represented by Anne Tibbets of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Readings & Signings

Check this space for dates and locations of upcoming readings, signings, and other appearances by Michael Howarth.

Oswald Writers Series

University of South Carolina--Aiken

Aiken, SC

Thursday, March 16, 7:30pm

Reading & Signing for A STILL AND AWFUL RED

Jared Family Atrium

Ozark Technical Community College

Springfield, MO

Monday, October 24, 10am

Signing w/ Poet Joey Brown

Joplin Writers Book Faire

Joplin Public Library

Saturday, October 8, 10am-12pm

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