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A Still and Awful Red


Maria, a young peasant girl, is an accomplished seamstress who dreams of a more prosperous life. Chosen by Countess Elizabeth Bathory to sew a series of elaborate gowns, Maria dreams of receiving lavish attention and being invited into the Countess's inner circle. But upon arrival at the castle, Maria suspects she is in terrible danger.


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Movies to See Before You Graduate from High School


Most teens love to watch movies, whether young adult fantasy or the latest comic book adaptation. Alongside the usual blockbusters are more down to earth fare, movies that best define what it means to be an adolescent. Such films provide insight and depth into the challenges many teens face moving from childhood to adulthood.

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Fair Weather Ninjas


Timothy Dimmick is a geeky young kid trying to survive his senior year of high school and make good on a promise to his late father:become a world-class ninja and secure his legacy as the "Bruce Lee of New England." But the path he takes is littered with stumbling blocks.

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Under the Bed, Creeping


Under the Bed, Creeping: Exploring the Psychoanalytic in Children's Literature: From Puritan tracks to fairy tales and Victorian poems, from zombies and werewolves to ghosts and vampires, the gothic has become an important part of children's literature. This book explores how Gothicism is crucial in helping children progress through different stages of growth and development. Using Erikson's landmark theories on psychosocial development, the book examines Rosetti's Goblin Market, Collodi's Pinocchio, Gaiman's Coraline, Barrie's Wendy and Peter, and three versions of Little Red Riding Hood.

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